Alpha Workforce Health

Alpha Workforce Health is an occupational medicine clinic committed to providing all services related to workplace health and meeting or exceeding the regulatory requirements applicable to your business.

By delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and employer-focused workforce programs, our dedicated team of physicians, nurses, and trained, experienced, and specialized technicians who are immediately available today to your business for the purpose of providing timely medical, regulatory, and advisory services. We offer pre-placement and DOT examinations, DOT-regulated as well as Non-DOT drug & alcohol testing services, and the quality of work injury treatment and management you can depend on. Minimizing employee downtime and lost revenue is a top priority. Along with providing information and resources to enable you to make the right employee selections up front, designing the proper transitional duty plan when appropriate is the cornerstone of our expertise. By returning your injured team members back to work through modified-duty tasks, and then continually transitioning them to an increased work capacity, we can help you control medical costs and keep indemnity expenses as low as possible. Bringing injured employees back to work at modified, light-duty jobs shows them that your company cares for their health and well-being - - and, even more importantly, demonstrates in a substantive way that they are needed, valued, and part of their employer's long-term staffing plans.

Our medical examinations will focus on regulatory requirements, expert recommendations (DOT), and the overall physical/emotional ability of a prospective employee to perform the basic essential functions of the job.

With the rising incidence of substance abuse in the workplace causing costly work-related injuries and expenses, Alpha Workforce Health places great emphasis upon the initial pre-employment screening of the employee. We offer a drug testing facility that fully (100%) complies with the highest standards of the DOT. Our assurance to you is integrity in the collection process, a first-class laboratory, and expert oversight provided by an MRO (Medical Review Officer). This is extremely important and could mean the difference between results that protect your good name - - or not - - in a court of law. Who do you want in 'your corner'?

Our overriding mission is to deliver the services expected by you, the Employer, and to treat each Team Member/Employee with the dignity and medical care that they deserve. We promise communication, flexibility in meeting business-specific needs, competitive pricing, and a willingness to do our very best in professionally accommodating your requests.

You're invited to stop by the clinic and take a tour. Dr. Jim and I are also seeking the opportunity to visit your facility soon. Please don't hesitate to contact us and arrange for a mutually convenient time. We look forward to serving you!

Very Sincerely Yours,

Denise Brockhaus, Manager/Coordinator

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Our Staff

Jim Galyen, MD

Dr. Jim is originally from Atkinson, NE. He went to the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he received his medical doctor (MD) degree. He completed a family practice residency in Omaha and North Platte, NE. His special interests are occupational medicine; agriculture, and agricultural medicine. He and Dr. Kari have 4 children. He enjoys hunting, running, and Nebraska Football.

Lindsay Unkel, MA (Left), Denise Brockhaus, Manager (center) and Leah Olberding, RN (right)